How NFL Teams Make Money

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The NFL has been a staple in American sports since 1920. Even after the president condemned the NFL. Your San Francisco quarterback,  I am sure no body ever hard of him. You don’t want to pick them up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump.

You believe that then there were the TV ratings that took a nosedive in 2016 and 2017. But it’s still proving to be a big success for all 32 NFL teams and their owners/ 28 NFL teams are valued over 2 billion dollars so how is it that these teams are worth so much to answer that you have to look at how hard it is.

To start your own franchise the last time an NFL franchise was started was back in 2002. It’s rare to start a new NFL team, but when it happens owners have to pay something known as a franchise fee. Some NFL teams have been around since the National Football League start in 1920 back then the franchise fee was about 100 bucks.

By 1960 the Dallas Cowboys had to pay a million dollars to enter and in 2002 the Houston Texans which are the newest team to join the league paid 700 million dollars. Some NFL teams are still owned by the same families who started their franchise nearly a century ago the Chicago Bears were founded for $100.

In 1920 by George Halas and as of 2018 the team is still in the family it’s owned by his 95 year old daughter Virginia McCaskey and it’s now worth an estimated 2.9 billion dollars. And let’s say you want to buy your own NFL team most recent sales have been in the billion dollar range the Buffalo Bills went for 1.4 billion dollars and in 2018. The Carolina Panthers were sold for a record 2.2 billion dollars so what kind of return our team’s getting back from their billion-dollar investment.

There’s only one team we definitely know what they’re making every year and that’s the Green Bay Packers the Packers are non profit corporation the only one in the league so we have access to their annual filings they made four hundred and fifty four point nine million dollars in 2017.

The other 31 teams are privately owned but Forbes releases the valuation for all 32 teams across the league each year the values are based around each NFL team stadium along with revenue of historical transactions non NFL events,  held at the stadiums as well as purchase and investment offers for each team.

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